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Perfectly placed tower

September 20th, 2022

Municipal Communications is proud to have built a perfectly placed tower in a Decatur, GA neighborhood. Located on a church property in an entirely residential area of DeKalb County, this 150’ monopine is invisible to the homes that surround it in every direction. It was a pleasure to work with the church and community leaders to provide an ideal solution for wireless communication in the area. 

2 New Towers in Georgia

December 30th, 2021

Municipal Communications has completed two new towers in Georgia to close out 2021.

The first was built in Dahlonega at Lumpkin County High School. This 250’ lattice tower is positioned next to US Highway 19 which allows it to serve commuters, the school and surrounding neighborhoods. (ASR: 1320870)

The second tower was built in the growing city of Canton. It is a 195’ monopole located behind a fire station that is on Reinhardt College Parkway. This tower is .7 miles away from five apartment complexes as well as single family and commercial properties. 19,400 commuters pass this tower every day. (ASR: 1320324)

New Partnership with the State of North Dakota

October 26th, 2021

Municipal Communications has partnered with the State of North Dakota to improve the state’s public safety network. A large portion of our North Dakota towers are being equipped with wireless technology that will be used by law enforcement, fire and ambulance services. We are always happy when our towers are utilized to improve public safety and we look forward to continuing to assist the State of North Dakota develop their network.

New Tower Completed

June 1st, 2021

Municipal Communications has completed the construction of a 400’ guyed tower near Summerville, GA. This tower will help improve the wireless coverage of residents and the 10,000+ motorists traveling along this portion of U.S. Route 27 daily.

East Acworth Monopine

January 12th, 2021

We are particularly proud to complete the 165’ monopine tower at Wildwood Baptist Church in Acworth, GA (as shown below). In order to gain Cobb County’s zoning approval, we held multiple community hearings and eventually two court proceedings. Our hard work and the patience of our anchor tenant, Verizon Wireless, was eventually rewarded with the completion of this project just before Christmas day. The Acworth community will now have much improved wireless service, all due to this well designed and constructed tree tower.

We also completed towers in three other locations detailed below:

Acworth, Georgia / ASR: 1314745

Sylacauga, Alabama / ASR: 1314163

Adger, Alabama / ASR: 1314760

Rhame, North Dakota / ASR: 1314954

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