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Municipal Communications Completes a Second Sale of Tower Assets to SBA Communications

December 10, 2015

Municipal Communications (“Municipal”) announced today that it has completed the sale of an undisclosed number of cellular towers to SBA Communications.  The proceeds from the transaction will be used to support Municipal growth as it continues to develop wireless facilities across the United States.

Bonaire Tower Completed

Macon, GA

Municipal Communications is proud to announce the completion of a 160’ monopole south of Macon in Bonaire, Georgia.

Announcement of Austin Tower

Austin, TX
Municipal Communications announces the completion of a 95’ monopole in Austin, Texas.

Multi-Tower Project Completion

Killdeer, ND
Municipal Communications is proud to announce the completion of a multi-tower project in North Dakota. The company completed construction of four towers in the western half of the state over the course of four months.

Municipal Communications and Dr J Enterprises Meet with Commissioner Lisa Cupid at Municipal Communications' First Stealth Pine Communications Tower

Cobb County, GA  | Press Release 05/12/2015

Peter Corry, CEO of Municipal Communications, and Julius Erving of DR J Enterprises recently met with Cobb County District 4 Commissioner Lisa Cupid to recognize the completion of the 125’ monopine tower located at 17 Hurt Road.

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