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Municipal Communications has added three new towers

June 26th, 2020

We are proud to announce the completion of three new towers located in Georgia and Alabama. These towers will be able to serve the surrounding communities with the wireless infrastructure needed for years to come. Site details are below:

• Alto, GA / ASR: 1313343
• Guin, AL / ASR: 1313745
• Jasper, GA / ASR: 1314158

Municipal Communications has added fourteen new towers

February 10th, 2020

Municipal Communications has recently completed fourteen towers in the following locations:

• Beach, North Dakota / ASR: 1310227
• Beulah, North Dakota / ASR: 1310357
• Greensboro, Alabama / ASR: 1308900
• Dearing, Georgia / ASR: 1309040
• Pollock, North Dakota / ASR: 1310788
• Talking Rock, Georgia / ASR: 1307115
• Columbus, North Dakota / ASR: 1309973
• Regent, North Dakota / ASR: 1309974
• Berthold, North Dakota / ASR: 1309972
• Maxbass, North Dakota / ASR: 1309758
• Cartwright, North Dakota / ASR: 1312469
• Culloden, Georgia / ASR: 1311652
• Talmo, Georgia / ASR: 1309042
• Hoboken, Georgia / ASR: 1311372

We remain committed to providing wireless coverage to urban, suburban and rural America.

New Monopine in East Cobb

September 3rd, 2019
Marietta, GA

Paper Mill Monopine TowerMunicipal Communications, LLC, is proud to announce the completion of a highly-anticipated 150’ monopine in Cobb County, Georgia. The site is adjacent to the Atlanta Country Club and will support thousands of residents and visitors along Columns Drive and Paper Mill Road. The area had stymied other BTS developers for over a decade, because the site is bounded by the Chattahoochee River to the south, National Recreation Area park land to the west and north, and seven-figure homes to the east. Once assigned to Municipal, however, the in-house site acquisition team identified and leased a parcel in less than three months, then steered it through a difficult zoning and environmental process with multiple stakeholders. Although there was initially some vigorous opposition, the community was won over by Municipal’s engagement with neighborhood associations and its custom tower design, which resulted in one of the most realistic looking monopines in the country.

Recent Towers

July 5th 2019

Municipal Communications is proud to announce the recent completion of towers for our national wireless carrier clients in the following locations:

  • Amidon, North Dakota / ASR: 1306877
  • Belfield, North Dakota / ASR: 1307691
  • Zerkel, Minnesota / ASR: 1308595
  • Marmath, North Dakota / ASR: 1306884
  • Kulm, North Dakota / ASR: 1308858
  • Alexander, North Dakota / ASR: 1306887
  • Brewton, Alabama / ASR: 1309366
Recent Tower Constructions

November 30th 2018

Municipal Communications announced the recent completion of towers in the following locales:

  • Marshfield, Massachusetts
  • Powder Springs, Georgia
  • Meridian, Mississippi
  • Alford, Florida
  • Marshall, North Dakota
  • Beulah, North Dakota
  • Ruso, North Dakota
  • McClusky, North Dakota
  • Taylor, North Dakota
  • Lefor, North Dakota
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